Guy Fawkes Night and Hogmanay are fantastic opportunities to photograph fireworks.

Image of fireworks taken in Lochgilphead Argyll on 5th November

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your images:

  • Go to an organised display. Leave it to the pros – they know how to do it!
  • Check the location in the daylight to find the best place to set up your tripod away from the crowds.
  • Use a sturdy tripod as you will be using longer shutter speeds. If you don’t have a tripod find something to rest your camera on such as a wall or car roof. Or why not try handheld. You may end up with some great abstract results!
  • Use a remote shutter release to keep your camera very still. Don’t worry if you haven’t got one, use the 2 second timer instead.
  • Aperture, ISO and shutter speed settings. It’s time to experiment. Our suggestion is f8, ISO100 and try 5 seconds to see how it goes. It can be difficult to time the shot to coincide with the fireworks exploding but that is all part of the fun!
  • Framing your shot can be quite tricky too and again you need to experiment. Get there early and find a good location well back from the display. Here in Argyll we are very fortunate that many of our firework displays take place near water leading to some stunning reflections.
  • Stay safe and have a great time.

And finally who will ever forget the now infamous Obang 2011 when, due to a technical hitch, the whole display lasted less than one minute?

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