Argyll is one of the least populated areas of the United Kingdom and as a consequence you can expect to encounter a diverse range of animals and birds here including otters, beaver,  eagles, puffins, seals, red deer, whales and basking sharks to name but a few.

Sandpiper on the shore at Loch Fyne.

We know that a chance meeting with a buzzard on a fence post, a deer on a forest road or a red squirrel running up a tree trunk are truly wonderful experiences but it’s unlikely that we can turn these opportunities into a stunning wildlife photograph. By the time you have removed your lens cap it’s already too late!

The most successful wildlife photographers spend time observing the habitat and behaviour of an animal or bird. Selecting the right location can be a painstaking process. But help is at hand. Throughout Argyll there are a number of highly skilled professional wildlife photographers willing to share their expertise, their local knowledge and hides.

Argyll Wildlife Photography Tours

Ethical Wildlife Photography

“Take nothing but Photographs, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.” We don’t know the origin of this saying but it sums up our feelings perfectly.

Here at Photo Argyll we would like to encourage you to follow these basic tips when photographing wildlife:

  • No photograph is ever worth risking harm to an animal, bird or the environment.
  • Be aware of times when wildlife may be nesting or bringing up their young.
  • Keep your distance. If an animal appears stressed by your presence move away.
  • If you are serious about wildlife photography invest in a telephoto lens and observe from a distance.
  • Observe – do not attract. Baiting with food or sounds can endanger wildlife.
  • Be true to yourself and your craft – do not fake the shot unless you make this clear.
  • Leave places as you found them or even better pick up litter that could harm the wildlife.
  • Do not pick wild flowers or dig them up. Leave them for others to enjoy too.

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